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October 28, 2020
Welcome, this week how consistent routines between child care and home support children's wellbeing. Also, six super scary Halloween craft ideas that boost fine motor skills.
The importance of good routines at home and in child care
Even the most ordinary routines have extraordinary benefits for your child. The simple action of washing hands after every toilet break or holding hands whenever they cross the road helps your little one to be healthy and safe, and these kinds of daily rituals are instrumental in teaching physical, social and emotional skills in your child's early years.

Good routines have a positive effect on how they feel and behave, and because routines happen throughout your child's day, you, your partner and their early childhood educators all play a part in establishing positive routines and using everyday actions to teach lifelong skills.

Here, we look at routines in more depth and see how you can complement child care routines and home routines to support your little one's learning and development.
6 Halloween craft ideas to build fine motor skills
There are lots of scarily good ways to flex your child's fine motor skills this Halloween.

Buttoning up a wizard's cloak or filling a spooky fruit cup will get hand and finger muscles moving, and there's fun to be had with creepy craft projects, too.

Pinching purple play dough, cutting black paper and winding web-like wool will all work a treat to develop your under-five's skills, and here are 6 not-too-tricky projects to try:
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