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October 14, 2020
Welcome, this week a reminder about In Home Care, a flexible form of care that supports families who can't access mainstream early childhood services. Also, next week is Book Week (17-23 October) and we've got a list of the top kid's books for 2020.
Updates to the In Home Care National Guidelines and Handbook
There's a great variety of child care available to Australian families, and although long day care might be perfect for one family, and occasional care will suit another, sometimes In Home Care is the only option.

Care-givers like babysitters and au pairs provide child care in the home, but when we speak about In Home Care (IHC), we're referring to the government's program of subsidised child care which is available to families who can't use another type of mainstream care because:
The best children's books of 2020
Authors and illustrators work hard to create funny, heart-felt, dynamic and downright quirky books for kids, and since 1946, the Children's Book Council of Australia (CBCA) has been bestowing annual Awards on the very best of these titles.

In a usual year, the CBCA Awards are announced on the third Friday of August, with Book Week starting the next day. Things are different in 2020, though, and the winners are being announced this Friday 16 October, with Book Week running from 17 to 23 October.

Here, we see which books are in the running for an Award, and how your child can embrace the fun of Book Week.
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