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November 11, 2020
Welcome, in light of World Kindness Day, this week Friday 13 November, we look at how early childhood educators support children to learn this important life skills. Also, elimination communication...we've got the lowdown!
How do educators teach under-fives to be kind?
Kindness makes people feel good and do good, and in the early learning environment, kindness is something that's practised by children and actively promoted by educators.

Here we look at this human quality in more detail, and see how early childhood educators nurture, reinforce, and celebrate kindness in under-fives.
How 'Elimination Communication' can reduce nappy use
Nappies are a normal part of life with a baby, but an approach called Elimination Communication is helping a small, but growing number of parents to read their babies' toileting cues and reduce their reliance on nappies.

This is a positive thing for the planet, because according to the CSIRO, Australians throw away one billion used disposable nappies each year, and every one of these will take a frightening 300 years to decompose.

As well as easing pressure on the planet, Elimination Communication (or EC) has several other upsides for families, so let's see what it involves and why some parents are embracing EC in Australia and overseas.
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