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May 27, 2020
Welcome, COVID-19 has led to many innovations and virtual babysitting is one of them! This week we look at how virtual babysitting works and why it can support children and families. Also new research in the fight against paediatric ear infections.
Hello virtual babysitting!
COVID-19 has brought about big changes in the way we work, parent and enjoy our downtime. Our homes have turned into offices, date nights are a distant memory and we're seeing an awful lot of our children!

The good news is that virtual babysitters (also known as remote babysitters) are available to help parents balance competing pressures, carve out some 'me time' and concentrate on serious tasks.

A virtual babysitter can interact with your bored, isolated or endlessly energetic child, giving them a chance to socialise with someone new and have fun via a video call.
Researchers one step closer to eliminating children's ear infections
Middle ear infections are common in young children, but that doesn't make them trivial.

These infections cause pain and other discomfort, and are a leading reason for children to be taken to the doctor and prescribed antibiotics.

In Australia, ear infections affect 650,000 youngsters a year, and those with multiple ear infections often need grommet surgery. This involves tiny tubes being inserted into the ear drum to drain fluid from the middle ear, and grommets are the second most common reason for young Aussie children to need surgery.
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