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May 20, 2020
Welcome, this week we explain why early childhood centres have stayed open during the Coronavirus outbreak and a host of sensory play ideas, which can be made from readily available materials.
Why it’s still safe to send your child to care
COVID-19 has raised a lot of questions and left many families wondering whether it's safe to send their children to care when a pandemic is underway.

To help parents understand a bit more about the impact of COVID-19 on children and early childhood education and care services, the Australian Academy of Science has released a video answering key questions about kids, care and the disease.

In this YouTube video, paediatrician and infectious diseases expert, Dr Asha Bowen mirrors the advice of government and assures us that child care centres are still safe for youngsters.
Cheap and cheerful materials for sensory play
Small children benefit greatly from sensory play, and there's no need to buy expensive toys or wait for extracurricular activities to reap the rewards of touching, tasting, smelling, seeing and listening.

The family home stocks many ingredients suitable for sensory play, so let's see how you can activate your child’s senses with the help of everyday materials.
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