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March 11, 2020
Welcome, this week we look at the financial support available to grandparents caring for children in the years before school. Also, the marvellous benefits of music making.
Child care subsidies available to grandparents
For many families, grandparent care is a convenient, cost-effective, and an emotionally enriching child care option that allows parents to work and provides opportunities for young children and older relatives to bond.

Grandparent care can have its challenges, and when an older person is responsible for a sizeable proportion of their grandchild's care, they may find themselves committing a lot of time, energy and money to ensure the child is well looked after.

Fortunately, the government recognises this investment with several child care payments that can ease the financial burden when grandparents are looking after grandchildren on an ongoing basis.
How music-making benefits children
Music gets us moving, grooving and feeling good, and according to a University of Queensland study, home-based music-making activities are highly beneficial for young children’s brains – and perhaps even more beneficial than story time.

Here, we look at the study in more depth and see how parents can jazz up children’s development by sharing fun musical activities at home.
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