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June 3, 2020
Welcome, this week we get up close and personal with Bluey! Also, strategies to support stress management in youngsters and Felicity Gray, Director of Abracadabra Childcare Services, explains why nannies are such a great option for families worried about COVID-19.
Inside info on the Bluey book series + prize packs to win
There are 101 reasons to share a book with your young child, and Bluey is one of them!

This bouncy Blue Heeler is entertaining kids around the world, and her simple tales of family fun teach littles ones a lot about imagination, resilience, kindness and humour.

To keep you up to speed with this energetic six-year-old and her furry family, we’ve rounded up some inside info about the Bluey books and are handing over 6 paw-fect prize packs.
5 ways to help your child cope with stress
COVID-19 threw a curve ball into our usual way of life, and children are not immune to the worry, stress and unsettledness caused by this pandemic and other destabilising events.

Youngsters are keenly aware of changes to family routines and social interactions. They pick up on pressures being felt by parents. And they absorb adult news and information.

With all this in mind, it's natural for children to feel stressed about this year’s events and their place in the world.
How has nanny care been impacted
by COVID-19?
When you welcome a nanny into your house, many benefits come with them.

Quality nannies are screened professionals who provide individualised, in-home child care. They help parents balance work and family, form special connections with children, follow familiar routines, and can lessen a youngster's exposure to illness, compared with centre-based care.

And although COVID-19 has changed the way families share their space, we're pleased to report that nanny care is still a safe and healthy option for parents, children and carers themselves.

To dispel any concerns you might have about inviting a nanny into your home, we spoke with Felicity Gray, Director of Abracadabra Childcare Services.
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