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July 29, 2020
Welcome, this week learn how the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is helping our children grow healthy mind and healthy bodies. Also, the ins and outs of unschooling.
How the Kitchen Garden Foundation is helping under-fives to thrive
Stephanie Alexander is a celebrity chef who truly believes in the power of pleasurable food education to enrich children's lives.

Her Kitchen Garden Foundation is teaching youngsters how to grow, harvest, prepare and share food, and as a result, positive food habits are sprouting up in early learning services and schools around the country.

To get a taste for the Kitchen Garden Foundation'ss program for under fives, we spoke with its Chief Executive, Josephene Duffy.
Have you been unschooling your child without knowing it?
In recent months, lots of families gained first-hand experience with home-schooling. Parents became teachers during home isolation and although we did our best to follow the school curriculum with online learning, it seems that many of our children got a taste of unschooling, too.

In simplest terms, 'unschooling' is an educational approach that puts children in charge of their learning, based on what interests them at the time.
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