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July 22, 2020
Welcome, this week meet a real-life Mary Poppins! Betty Ertugrul, an in-home carer with Abracadabra Childcare Services, spills the beans on why she loves nannying and what nannies can bring to families. Also, a stack of scavenger hunts to keep your children busy over the winter months.
What can a nanny offer your family?
Although nannies have long been associated with celebrities, royals and other posh parents, we're pleased to report that this kind of in-home child care is accessible by everyday families as well.

Nannies are a convenient option for shift workers, small business owners and other working parents; they can be cost-effective for bigger families; and they provide friendly, professional care that’s tailored to individuals' needs.
Indoor scavenger hunts for toddlers and preschoolers
Earlier this year, searches for indoor scavenger hunt ideas quadrupled on Pinterest, and now that winter is officially here, this kind of home-based activity is a weather-proof way to get young bodies and brains moving.

Indoor scavenger hunts involve children darting around searching for certain items, and as well as being fun, they also tick a lot of boxes when it comes to early learning.

These games encourage children to think creatively, observe closely, grip a pencil, follow instructions and practice literacy, numeracy and other key skills.

There are indoor scavenger hunts to suit different ages, interests and living areas, and to help you prepare a hunt at home, we've tracked down some engaging ideas for under fives. Here goes!
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