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February 26, 2020
Welcome, this week why not enough Australian dads take paternity leave and why they should. Also, ideas for getting involved in Clean Up Australia Day, this weekend Sunday 1 March.
The benefits of child care provided by fathers
In the first days, weeks and months of a child's life, it's important that both parents bond with their bundle of joy and take a hands-on approach to child care.

For many new dads, this means cuddles after work and precious moments on weekends, but it doesn't have to be this way. Although Australia doesn't have the most generous Paid Parental Leave scheme in the world, our system does provide opportunities for new fathers to foster positive relationships and spend quality time with their little one.

Here, we look at the benefits of paternity leave, examine different parental leave payments, and see how Australia's system stacks up against those in Sweden and Iceland.
Enviro-friendly events for your family
With the impacts of climate change being felt around the globe and the human population nudging 7.8 billion, it's important that we educate our children about the environment and take practical steps to lead more sustainable lives.

By doing things like walking to child care instead of driving, up-cycling toys and donating to the World Wildlife Fund, we can show youngsters how to make good choices and care for Mother Earth.

There are also lots of family-friendly events that involve rubbish collecting, tree-planting and other hands-on activities to help the planet and educate your child along the way.

School Clean Up Day, on Friday, 28 February, and Clean Up Australia Day, on Sunday, 1 March, are two events that both young and old can participate in, so let's see what they are and how to get involved.
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