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February 19, 2020
Welcome, this week we are delighted to introduce Kelly Hedderman from Learning Tree FDC in Sutherland NSW. As the recent winner of an award for Excellence in Outdoor Learning she has a lot to share about this important topic. Also, how to manage hand, foot and mouth disease.
An award-winning approach to outdoor learning
Young children need sensory stimulation and room to move, so instead of keeping kids indoors, many early learning services recognise the importance of outdoor play and offer a variety of open-air experiences.

Children might spend their days tending to veggie patches, excavating sandpits or galloping across grass, and there's evidence that all this al fresco activity has a positive effect on youngsters' bodies and brains.

To understand how outdoor learning benefits under fives, we spoke with Kelly Hedderman, the owner of Learning Tree Family Day Care in Sutherland, NSW.
Hand, foot and mouth disease & how it affects youngsters
Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) might sound a bit scary, but this viral infection is actually common amongst under fives and can be prevalent in the early learning environment.

There have been significant outbreaks of HFMD at early childhood services and kindergartens over the last few years because it's highly contagious, so let's see how you can recognise the virus, care for your child if they get it and stop HFMD from spreading to others.
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