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February 12, 2020
Welcome, with many parents caught out by the process of Child Care Subsidy balancing, this week we have an article on how to avoid being overpaid this financial year. Also, how to maintain a smooth and stress-free morning routine.
How to avoid a Child Care Subsidy overpayment
Although the single Child Care Subsidy (CCS) came into force more than 18 months ago, many families are only now seeing the full financial impact of the new system.

The 2018/19 financial year was the first to include the CCS and as soon as families started lodging their tax returns, the government began balancing their CCS to ensure they'd been paid the correct subsidy amount.

Balancing the CCS involves the government comparing each family's income estimate with their actual income, and while some families are getting a monetary windfall because of underpayment, others are finding they've been overpaid and now have a debt to pay back.
11 ways to make child care mornings easier
Whether you're a morning person or a night owl, it can be a challenge to get your little one up, dressed, fed and ready to embrace the day.

Young children don't understand time in the same way as adults, and as they dawdle through breakfast, get distracted from tooth-cleaning or simply refuse to get ready, stress levels can rise as the minutes zoom by.

Fortunately, there are ways to establish a smooth morning routine and get to child care on time.
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