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August 5, 2020
Welcome, this week we take a look at the rise of artificial intelligence in child care and consider some of the implications of this trend. Also burn prevention for the families of very young children.
The rise of artificial intelligence in child care
Caring for a child requires empathy, patience, dedication and all those other human touches, but as we zoom further into the 21st Century, technology is taking a more hands-on role in all our lives and artificial intelligence has real-world functionality.

AI is already making Siri, Alexa, Tesla, Amazon and Netflix smart at knowing what we want to do, buy and watch; and developments in this field indicate that AI can also help humans care for children.

Here we look at four innovations that use AI to assist with child care and early learning.
Burns prevention for young children
Winter is a time for heaters, open fires and hot drinks, and although these toasty delights warm the cockles, they also bring a degree of risk for young children.

Busy little bodies can get burnt without careful supervision, so let's look at the key ways to prevent accidents from happening, and how to best treat a burn injury.
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