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August 26, 2020
Welcome, this week we look at the Curiosity Approach a growing force in early education which focuses on instilling children with awe and amazement. Also, how to support a preschooler dealing with grief and loss.
What is The Curiosity Approach?
'Curiouser and curiouser!' is a phrase that evokes the magic of Alice in Wonderland, and in the real world, The Curiosity Approach is transforming early childhood settings into magical places for under-fives.

Here we explore the thinking behind this approach and learn how a beautiful environment can benefit the children in it.
Helping kids deal with grief in early childhood
For some children, grief is first experienced when a family pet dies, but for others, it's the death of person close to them that changes life forever.

Losing a relative or friend brings about big challenges for little people, and they need adult support to communicate their feelings and learn to live with their loss.

This can be difficult for parents and care-givers who are grieving themselves, but fortunately, the National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) is on hand to help bereaved children and their families process their grief and rebuild their lives.

Here we look at the services offered by the NCCG and explain how to recognise grief in children and support littlies who've lost a loved one.
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