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September 25, 2019
Welcome, this week interesting new research suggests the right choice about early childhood education could be more important than big school, also how to establish a successful night routine in your family.
Surprising new research on school choice and academic achievement
Choosing the right school for your child is a big decision. You will be looking for somewhere they can learn, grow, and achieve their potential, while taking things like catchment zones, school fees, facilities, and individual interests into account.

Although it's important to find a school that you're comfortable with, a study out of England suggests that choice of school may not have as much influence on your child’s academic achievements as you may think. In fact, your choice of early childhood education and care could be more important than any decision you make around secondary schooling.
Establishing a great night routine for your family
We often think of a night routine as involving tooth-brushing, book-reading, and lights out, however, a good routine can start from the moment your family gets home from work, school, or child care.

Children thrive on predictability and a regular evening routine brings many benefits. For starters, routines build relationships and bolster children's sense of belonging and safety in the family unit.

Routines teach youngsters new skills and responsibilities, like setting the dinner table, and promotes healthy habits, such as tooth-brushing and hand-washing. Calm and consistent night routines can reduce stress, which in turn, benefits children's immune systems, and when it comes to bedtime, routines teach children's bodies good sleep habits so they can rest and rejuvenate overnight, ready to embrace the next day's challenges and opportunities.
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