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September 18, 2019
Welcome, this week learn about emergent curriculum and how it benefits young minds, also the down and dirty on dried fruit, and why they should be offered in moderation.
Emergent Curriculum
An individualised approach to early learning
Every child has their own strengths, challenges, interests, and ideas. An emergent curriculum allows early childhood educators to focus on the child, respond to their needs, and plan a learning program that's tailored to them and like-minded peers.

Here, we look at emergent curriculum in more detail and see how this approach can inspire, engage and develop with your child.
Is dried fruit a healthy snack?
Young children can be picky eaters, both literally and figuratively, and for this reason, dried fruit often appeals. It's easy for little fingers to pick up and comes with a burst of sweetness that tastebuds love.

Dried fruit is one of those foods that should be enjoyed in moderation, so before your child motors through another box of sultanas, let's take a look at how healthy this fruity snack really is.
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