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September 11, 2019
Welcome, this week strategies to support your child in adjusting to a new sleep routine as they start child care, also an important reminder about car seat safety.
Settling your child into a good sleep routine at care
Sleep is vital for your child's health, happiness and overall development, but sometimes it can feel like a fickle business. Hard-won sleep routines may change overnight when your baby or toddler starts child care, and where one child finds it hard to settle in a new sleep room with new care-givers, another child might nap so well during the afternoon that they can't sleep at night.

Whether they're clocking up too little or too much sleep at child care, the flow-on effects can ring alarm bells for parents. Tired and emotional evenings or sleepless nights are a nightmarish prospect for families, but the good news is that children are adaptable and there are lots of ways that parents and care-givers can work together to help little snoozers establish a good sleep pattern at child care, with time for rest and relaxation too.
How can parents keep children safer in the car?
Whether you're doing the child care drop-off or running a mum taxi on the weekend, car travel definitely streamlines family life. Although the road does come with risk, and most families do 'click, clack, front and back', a new poll suggests that we're not buckling up our children as safely as we could be.

For its National Child Health Poll, the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) asked 1,620 Australian parents about their knowledge and use of child restraints and booster seats. Based on their responses, it seems that many children are not travelling in the safest restraint or position in the car, so let's look at car seat safety and the RCH poll in more detail.
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