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October 23, 2019
Welcome, this week how asking children hard questions during story time at home and in child care challenges and extends young brains. Also, executive function, what is it, why it matters, and how to make sure you child has it!
The importance of questions during
story time
'Why?' is a perfectly good question for a child to ask an adult, but when the tables are turned, simple isn't always best.

Children benefit from answering sophisticated questions as well as easy ones, so let's see how educators and parents can incorporate different kinds of questions during story time to better challenge young brains.
Executive function and why it matters
'Executive function' might sound like something a business leader does, but this phrase actually refers to a set of skills that are valuable for children, teens, and adults.

Once learnt and practised, these skills will yield lifelong benefits, so let's look at executive function in more detail and see how you can promote this thinking to help your child succeed.
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