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October 2, 2019
Welcome, researchers from the University of Melbourne argue many early childhood centres are built too close to busy roads, impacting negatively on children's health. Read their thoughts this week, also how to bring more play to your child's day.

We are excited to announce the launch of our brand new easy to useĀ Child Care Subsidy Calculator. All you need to do is provide a few details and we will do the rest.
Child Care Subsidy Calculator
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The first thing most parents want to know when they visit is how much child care is going to cost them.

This is understandable given media reports about the escalating fees charged in many early childhood services and the complex subsidy system, which allocates varying levels of support depending on a family's financial situation.

To make it easier to work out how much child care is going to cost your family we have created a range of articles and resources, which you can access on the website.

In addition to these we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new Child Care Subsidy Calculator.
Child care centres and car exhaust
A dangerous mix
This week research by Clare Walter, Dr Elena Schneider-Futschik, and Associate Professor Louis Irving, from University of Melbourne finds many inner Melbourne child care centres are built close to busy roads, putting children near dangerous vehicle exhaust and highlighting the need for buffer zones. This is an opinion piece reproduced with permission from Pursuit.

There is increasing evidence internationally, and within Australia, linking a higher risk of asthma and allergies with exposure to traffic-related air pollution.

While there are no safe thresholds for exposure to traffic pollution, research has found the health risk is highly correlated with the extent of exposure, and children are particularly vulnerable to traffic-pollution exposure as their lungs are still developing and they often spend more time outside than adults.
The lifelong benefits
of play
Play is a great way for children to amuse themselves and live in the moment, but according to the experts, play offers much more than just fun and games.

Researchers have linked childhood play with adult achievement, so let's see how play can help children understand and experience the world, develop vital skills and possibly even get a good job later in life.
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