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May 1, 2019
Welcome, sun safety is still important heading into cooler months, and this week we consider what early childhood services do to protect our children’s delicate skin. Also, tips for succeeding with toilet training.
How child care services protect children from
the sun
Australia is famed for its sunny climate and beachy culture, but this bright outlook comes with a dark undertone. According to the Cancer Council, approximately two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70 and, 'Evidence suggests that childhood exposure to UV radiation contributes significantly to the development of skin cancer in later life.'

For this reason, it's vital that young children are educated about sun exposure and protected from ultraviolet (UV) rays, not just in the summer months, but whenever UV levels are high.

Here, we look at when sun protection is needed and how educators play it safe - and smart - at early learning services.
The ins and outs of toilet-training
As with many aspects of child development, there is no exact age when youngsters should move from nappies to undies.

Most little people will be ready for toilet-training sometime between 18 months and three or four years of age, but instead of pushing them to learn about the loo, it's important to wait for signs that your child is ready to embark on this new stage in their life.
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