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June 19, 2019
Welcome, many children come down with every illness imaginable in the first few weeks of child care, this week ideas to boost your child’s immunity to beat those bugs. Also, how to teach children to find the magic in diversity and a book giveaway.
5 ways to boost your child's immunity while in care
In group care, children have a chance to share fun moments and educational activities, however, these positive experiences aren't the only things being passed around. It's common for germs and illness to spread between children as they share the same toy boxes, breathing spaces and, yes, bugs.

Children have a lower resistance to germs than adults, so they can be more susceptible to illness, and as temperatures cool over winter, viruses often stick around for longer.

This means it's likely your child will come down with something at one point or another, but the good news is that there are ways to boost a child's immune system to help them fight off those dreaded child care lurgies.
Finding the beauty in diversity
The world is an amazing place, full of diverse environments, experiences and, of course, people. While it's natural for your child to notice differences in others, such as an educator's skin colour or another child’s two mums, it's important to teach them to respect and appreciate these differences.

To help grown-ups promote diversity and acceptance in children from an early age, here are some pointers from Scholastic.
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