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June 12, 2019
Welcome, this week the benefits of using agency babysitters and non-agency babysitters, also return to work tips from resume writing extraordinaire, Stacey Murray. Finally, a special request from our friends at the Treatment Foster Care Oregon program.
Could you become a specialised foster carer?
Ethan is a 15-year-old boy who has been in foster care since he was three years old. Sadly, he has had numerous placements and a very disrupted history with no stable school or home life. Until a specialised foster care program changed his life.

For the first time in Australia an evidence-based, internationally successful program, Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) is providing an alternative to residential care and returning young people with problem behaviours back to a stable family life.
How to find a brilliant babysitter
When you join the babysitters' club, a whole new world of child care becomes available. Babysitters can provide regular care, last minute care, temporary care, and special event care. Whether you're looking for after school assistance, emergency back-up or a cosy date night, there is a sitter to suit your circumstances.
Top 3 Job-Winning Tips for Mums Returning to Work
This article on returning to work was written by Stacey Murray from the Resume Creative.

Going back to work after maternity leave, or an extended period while raising your family, can be daunting and overwhelming… and, well, a little bit terrifying. It's been three-and-a-half years since I returned to work and at the time, I had an 18-month-old (now nearly five), and I have a second son who has just turned one.

For me, returning to work was about as much of a blur as first bringing my first newborn home (clueless, discombobulated and head spinning the whole time). It was a decision made out of necessity with my husband's job becoming redundant while I was on maternity leave, and we needed an income. Fast.

Luckily, through my own experience of returning to work and as a Certified Advanced Resume Writer, I have three (ok, maybe a few) tips, tools and advice to share with you so you can prepare and manage your return to work like an absolute pro.
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