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July 3, 2019
Welcome, this week what to do when your child refuses to get up and go to child care in the morning. Also, how three countries are tackling obesity rates among preschoolers and what you can do to build healthy habits on the home front.
What to do if your child doesn't want to go to child care
Cooler weather, darker mornings and sick spells can definitely dampen enthusiasm about the day ahead, and when it comes to child care, many youngsters are putting in longer hours than their working parents.

This means there will be times when your child is worn out, run down and generally reluctant about being dropped off. However, if they really don't want to go to child care – especially on an ongoing basis – then it's important to look at what may be driving this reticence and how you can help.
Food for thought
Obesity rates amongst young children
Preschoolers are sweet little things and we're not just talking about their temperament. Many eat a lot of sugar and while it's tempting to reward young children with treats, and celebrate birthdays with cakes, cookies and lolly bags, all this sweet stuff isn't good for growing bodies…or even grown ones, for that matter.

Of course, sugar isn't the only culprit. As well as being sugary, lots of everyday foods are highly processed and contain much more salt and saturated fat than you think. The result many children are carrying extra weight in their early years and are at increased risk of tooth decay, diabetes and cardiovascular disease moving forward.

All hope is not lost, though. Let's see how we can slow down the sugar rush and make healthy food choices in the face of unsettling rates of childhood obesity here and in other countries.
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