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July 10, 2019
Welcome, this week the far-reaching benefits of sensory play and why it's so important in early childhood settings. Also, the school principal who has given away with rewards.
Sensory Play
in Child Care
Sensory play might involve making mud pies and smelling the daisies, but there's more to this immersive activity than meets the eye.

As children are playing, important things are happening inside their brains, so let's look at what sensory play is, why it's vital for under-fives and how carers and parents can encourage sensory play in every child's day.
The rationale behind reward-free schools
'Good job' is a catchphrase heard at many a playground, and as young children grow into school children, parents and educators take an active role in supporting their endeavours and praising their successes. There is a fear amongst some, however, that this reward focus has gone too far.

Peter Fahey is the co-principal at St James' Parish School in Victoria and he says, 'The diet of constant reinforcement and praise – where children are told they can do anything, they are bubble-wrapped, cotton-woolled and pampered in an attempt to raise their self-esteem – is having dire consequences.'

In response, Mr Fahey's school has done away with rewards entirely. Let's see what this means for students and if it is actually a winning strategy.
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