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August 21, 2019
Welcome, this week new evidence on the importance of positive relationships between parents and early childhood educators, and the perennial problem of nappy rash.
Why is it important to build a good relationship with your child's educator?
Ninety per cent of a child's brain is developed in the first five years, and although parents play a primary role in helping children grow and learn at this crucial time, we also rely on early learning educators to support our under fives and set them up for future success.

Harvard University's Center for the Developing Child says that, 'Responsive relationships and positive experiences build strong brain architecture' and lay the foundations for children's educational achievement, lifelong health, economic productivity and more; so it's important that you find a quality early childhood education and care service for your child, then make the effort to form genuine and trusting partnerships with its educators.
The age old problem of nappy rash
Nappies come part and parcel with parenting. From the day your baby is born to the night they're completely toilet-trained, you will change thousands of soggy, soiled, and downright stinky nappies. Although there's no avoiding this responsibility, modern manufacturers are looking at high-tech ways to keep little bottoms clean and dry.

The smart nappy promises to make things easier for parents and more comfortable for babies, with Huggies launching a nappy that monitors babies' poo and wee with a Bluetooth sensor. Alphabet, Google's parent company, submitting a patent for a carbon-fibre-laced nappy that detects changes in its equilibrium, and Pampers testing individualised nappies that fit to your baby's 'wee points' to maximise absorption.

Whether you choose classic cloth nappies or modern disposables, though, nappy rash is an age old problem for baby bits. Here's what you need to know about this irritating ailment and how you can prevent it.
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