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August 14, 2019
Welcome, this week we interviewed an outback au pair to learn more about the amazing benefits for families and their au pairs, also 5 super fun science experiments to try at home in National Science Week.
One au pair's outback adventure
Becoming an au pair is an exciting and enriching move for many young people, allowing overseas visitors to work in a new country and gain genuine local experiences.

In between bonding with their host family and becoming a 'big sibling' to their children, au pairs can practice their second language, learn to drive on the other side of the road, enjoy the au pairing community, and live in places they may never have experienced otherwise.

For Esther Hathaway, this place is Kununurra, a town in the far north of Western Australia. Close to the incredible Kimberley region, Kununurra is a long way from Ester's home in the UK and it has provided her with the ultimate Aussie adventure.

To learn what it's like to be an outback au pair, we spoke with Esther.
5 fun science experiments for preschoolers
National Science Week runs from 10 to 18 August and although school children are focusing on a 'Destination Moon: More Missions, More Science' theme, this week is a great opportunity for younger children to launch into a whole range of simple science experiments.

As well as being lots of fun, science-based activities are a great way to engage young minds and hone fine motor skills. By conducting beginner-level experiments, preschoolers learn how to ask questions, try new things and solve problems. So here are 5 easy, but exciting, activities to try at home.
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