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September 19, 2018
Welcome, this week we shine the spotlight on Clarendon Children's Centre in South Melbourne which has just received its second Excellent Rating, and new research on the link between solids and sleep.
A Spotlight on Excellence
Clarendon Children's Centre
Based in South Melbourne, Clarendon Children’s Centre has much to be proud of.

This not-for-profit community managed centre was recently awarded its second Excellent rating from ACECQA and with a focus on meaningful relationships and quality education and care experiences, this service gives children a truly enriching start.

To understand the ideas and programs that underpin this service, we spoke with Linda Davison, Centre Coordinator at Clarendon Children's Centre.
Research shows the benefits of early solids
For their first months of life, breastmilk and/or formula provide babies with all the nutrients and energy they need, but as little ones grow and develop, a more substantial menu is required.

Things like mashed pumpkin and pureed apple open up a whole new eating experience, giving infants a taste for new foods, a feel for new textures and vital opportunities to practice chewing and swallowing.

However, as well as powering their bodies and boosting their brains, new research indicates that feeding your baby solids earlier can also help them sleep better.
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