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September 12, 2018
Welcome, this week an Allianz survey considering the child care commute and whether it's best to source care close to home or close to work, and a reminder on immunisation requirements under the Single Child Care Subsidy.
The great child care commute
What's best for your family?
Whether you're a small business owner, a big firm employee or a stay-at-home parent, there is another role that you can add to your resume – that of a taxi driver.

In fact, according to a national survey conducted by Allianz, many of us are spending the equivalent of one working day a week driving children around.
Immunisation requirements under the new
Child Care Package
The single Child Care Subsidy may have replaced the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate, but something that hasn't changed under the New Child Care Package is the 'no jab, no pay' policy.

To be eligible for the Child Care Subsidy or Additional Child Care Subsidy, your youngster must meet the Government's immunisation requirements.
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
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