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October 24, 2018
Welcome, this week innovative ideas for outside school hours care and an important reminder about making time for the little things in life while your child is young.
Alternative solutions to outside school hours care
Before and after school care programs have a lot to offer, but what if there's simply no room for your child? With a rise in dual-income families and a booming school age population, many parents are scrambling to find out of school hours care for their kids.

To see how you can get around this shortage of before and after school places, let's look at some scenarios that demonstrate care alternatives for school-aged children.
It's the little things
There are many days when parenting feels like an insurmountable challenge, an uphill battle that never ends. The grind of work and child care and the restrictions caused by routine can make the days all blend into one.

However, that well-known quote often said by the experienced parents of older children to the tired parents of younger children is so true: 'The days are long, but the years are short'.
Unsure about your child care options?
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