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November 14, 2018
Welcome, this week, the extraordinary benefits of intergenerational care and the bold new Australian initiative seeking more wide spread adoption of this model, plus are you an authoritative parent?
Intergenerational care and how it benefits all Australians
Intergenerational care unites child care with aged care, and although this is a fledgling approach in Australia, a new Griffith University project is bringing preschoolers and seniors together to see how intergenerational care could play a greater role in our society.

Called the Intergenerational Care Project, this Federally-funded initiative is all about providing purposeful activities to build relationships between the young and not-so-young, instil a sense of meaning, and bring about positive change in aged care.
What is authoritative parenting?
Not to be confused with authoritarian parenting, authoritative parenting involves a balanced approach to child-raising. In practice, this means that authoritative parents aren't staunch disciplinarians or casual BFFs to their children.

Instead, they're mentors and guides who bring focus, fairness and consistency to the parent-child relationship. Although authoritative parenting may not be easy to maintain 24/7, there are positives that come with this school of thought.
Unsure about your child care options?
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