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May 2, 2018
Welcome, this week how early learning services can work with parents to support the development of children with autism spectrum disorders and 10 inspirational and super healthy fruit snacks.
Autism in the early learning and care environment
This month we took the opportunity to learn more about ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and to see how early learning and care providers can support autistic children and work collaboratively with their families to support the development and wellbeing of autistic children.

We spoke to Kristy Capes, Centre Manager at La Trobe University Community Children's Centre, an early learning service which offers specialised support to children with autism spectrum disorders, and she was kind enough to share her expertise and autism insights with us.
10 fun fruit snacks for children
A piece of fruit is a beautiful thing. And because it's packed with flavour, nutrients and fibre, fruit is also an important food group that helps kids stay healthy, grow and develop.

Of course, children can be discerning diners and to whet their appetite, the Better Health Channel recommends that parents offer kids a variety of fruit. In fact, when it comes to little tummies, variety is more important than quantity.

So whether you serve it sliced, diced, peeled, pureed, stewed, baked, dried or frozen, here are 10 ways to make fruit a-peel-ing to children.
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