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May 16, 2018
Welcome, this week tools to help you transition to the Single Child Care Subsidy and how to alleviate the symptoms of your child's eczema.
Tools to help you prepare for the new Child Care Subsidy
Not long now - on 2 July, the government's new Jobs for Families Package comes into effect and this heralds the arrival of the single Child Care Subsidy payment.

There are several tools available to help your family make a smooth transition, so let's look at how you can stay informed and ensure you are up-to-date when the new system clicks into effect.
How to ease your child's eczema
Winter is coming, and this influx of cold, dry air can exacerbate a common childhood ailment – eczema.

According to the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, about 30 per cent of Australian children suffer from eczema and it is the third most common reason for kids to see a paediatrician.

So, let's look at this skin condition and see how you can manage and treat your child's symptoms.
Unsure about your child care options?
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