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March 21, 2018
Welcome, this week learn about our brand new service Child Care Vacancy Alert PLUS, which texts you every time a child care service posts a vacancy that matches your needs. Tips and tricks to help you prepare for the day when you need to find backup child care fast plus Pinterest predictions on the hottest parenting trends for 2018!
Vacancy Alert PLUS
Need a helping hand to find child care?
You've got it…we'll send you a text every time a service posts a spot that matches your needs.

Time and time again parents tell us they want more options and more control when it comes to child care search. To this end, we have spent the last few months creating Vacancy Alert PLUS, a game changing service that puts the power squarely in the hands of Australian parents.

Vacancy Alert PLUS is a responsive service which leverages the powerful database to generate tailored text message alerts straight to your mobile phone, whenever a child care service posts a vacancy which matches your child care needs.

Here's how it works:
  1. Parents sign up and nominate their preferred care requirements, for example I'm considering child care centres and family day care services, I need 3 days care on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for a 2-year-old child.
  2. When a child care service has a new vacancy, they update the details on their profile. Most services do this regularly as it helps them fill places quickly, however, we also send reminders.
  3. The Vacancy Alert PLUS service matches vacancies with families looking for care and sends a text message straight to your mobile to alert you.
  4. Parents can then contact the service directly to discuss the vacancy and arrange a time to tour the service.
Vacancy Alert PLUS means that parents no longer need to spend precious time searching for child care and can get back to doing what they enjoy most, it's just another way is working to make child care search easier and more effective for Australian families.

The best part about Vacancy Alert PLUS is that the first month is ALWAYS FREE and you can cancel at any time. Learn more and sign up here.

For parents who have signed up for our basic Vacancy Alert service just log in and hit the upgrade button to take advantage of this game changing new service.
8 ways to find back-up child care in a flash
Sometimes the best-laid plans come unstuck. You're getting ready for work and your nanny calls in sick. Or your child wakes up with conjunctivitis and can't go to day care. What's a busy parent to do?

Well, help is at hand, because here are eight ways to organise child care at short notice. Phew.
Pin it
The top trends for mums, dads and kids in 2018
Watch out world, because Pinterest has released its parenting trend predictions for 2018, based on the rising popularity of certain saved pins. And if their forecast is anything to go by, then this is the year to build a perma-fort, buy a weighted blanket and host a sip and see.

So, without further ado, here are 14 parenting trends coming your way (probably)…
Unsure about your child care options?
Use our child care compass to find the best child care for your family
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