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July 18, 2018
Welcome, this week how to help your preschooler cultivate friends in child care and ideas for helping youngsters manage a fear of the dark.
The value of friendships in child care and beyond
Whether they're pals for life or just for preschool, there is much to be gained from young children forming friendships with one another. Although toddlers share happy times together, between the ages of three and five, preschoolers get busy building real friendships and developing the social skills that will accompany them through life.

Let's look at the benefits of childhood friendships and see how parents can help children forge great relationships in child care and beyond.
What to do if your child is afraid of the dark
Whether they're imagining a monster under the bed or wake in fright in the dead of night, it's very common for young children to be afraid of the dark. 'Night-time' is something they can't control or understand, and the lively imagination of toddlers and preschoolers blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

A fear of the dark may disrupt their sleep and make children feel anxious, but fortunately, parents can help to diminish these feelings and to make lights out less scary, here are some suggestions from the Better Health Channel.
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