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February 28, 2018
Welcome, this week how early childhood services are working hard to keep your baby safe at sleep time and the rise of the Elsa approach to parenting.
How your baby is sleeping safe in child care
For 40 years, SIDS And Kids has been working hard to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and save little lives. Now the charity is called Red Nose, and its safe sleeping practices have been adopted in child care centres across the nation.

Here we look at what this means for mini-snoozers and their parents, and bring you some enlightening new SIDS research too.
What are the latest changes in the world of parenting?
It's official. Aussie mums have fallen under the spell of Disney’s animated blockbuster, Frozen – at least in terms of their parenting style.

According to a study released by Kidspot, mums across the land have moved from a 'helicopter' parenting approach to the 'Elsa approach'. In other words, they’ve decided to 'let it go'.
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