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February 21, 2018
Welcome, this week the astonishing rise of the Australian Mumpreneur and the blessings and benefits of boredom for young children. Also, your chance to refer-a-friend to women in business network Mums & Co and support the Global Sisters charity. Plus we'd love to know your thoughts on Casual Bookings at Child Care Services, so be sure to take our poll.
The rise of the Australian
Australian mums mean business. Literally.

In fact, according to the online business network, Mums & Co , there are more than 300,000 business owner mothers in this country, with that figure set to rise.

And to see what business-ownership means for these women, Mums & Co has commissioned the Australian Mums in Business Report.
Casual Care Mini Poll
Casual bookings at child care services can be a useful back up in the case of unexpected meetings or appointments or if your usual child care arrangements fall through.

We are interested to learn your thoughts on casual child care and whether you'd use an app to book a spot. As an added incentive, we are offering one person four hours babysitting ON US as well as a $150 voucher for pampering at your favourite day spa. What's not to love?
The benefits of being bored
A busy kid is a happy kid, but what about a bored kid?

Well, contrary to what your little complainer may think, a bit of boredom is actually a good thing.

And according to Teresa Belton, visiting fellow at the University of East Anglia, in the UK, parents needn't feel pressured to entertain and educate their children every second of every day. In fact, letting them twiddle their thumbs now and then can open up new opportunities for creativity, development and life-long fulfilment.
Unsure about your child care options?
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