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August 8, 2018
Welcome, this week we consider the rise in popularity of nannies in light of the Single Child Care Subsidy, and how to safely and effectively use antibiotics. Also, tell us how your family has been impacted by the new Child Care Subsidy and go in the draw to win a $200 voucher to The Iconic.
The rise of the nanny under the New Child Care Package
It has been over a month since the Government's new Child Care Subsidy came into effect, and for some families, this overhaul of the child care payment system has caused them to re-think their child care arrangements entirely.

Under the single Child Care Subsidy, higher income families receive less financial assistance than those on low and middle incomes, and families with a combined income of $351,248 or more are entitled to no subsidy at all. Gone too, is the Child Care Rebate, which was not means–tested and used to cover 50 per cent of families' child care expenses (up to $7,613 per child, per year).
The long-term effects of antibiotic use in early childhood
It has been almost 80 years since antibiotics were first prescribed, and in that time humans have embraced these wonder drugs with gusto. There's no doubt that their effectiveness in treating bacterial infections has saved lives and revolutionised modern medicine, however, there is concern around our strong reliance on antibiotics.

With antibiotics commonly prescribed for viral infections, against which they're powerless, and overuse increasing the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, moderation seems like a better course of action.
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