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April 25, 2018
Welcome, this week is your last opportunity to have a say on Australia's child care system in the 13th Annual Child Care & Workforce Participation Survey. Plus research suggests high quality early childhood education can reduce the socioeconomic gap between children. Also, strategies for promoting greater independence in your child.
Lessons from Norway's approach to early childhood education and care
Norway might be famous for its fjords, but it is the country's early childhood education and care system that’s making ripples in scientific circles.

A study by Boston College has highlighted the successes of Norway's universal early childhood education program, which is offered to all children from the age of one and it suggests that an early educational start doesn't just benefit infants – it narrows the great class divide too.
How parents can help young children gain independence
From the moment a newborn takes its first breath, parents take a hands-on role in keeping children healthy, safe and happy. From changing nappies to following night-time routines, mums and dads do it all.

However, as babies grow into children, there comes a moment when it's important to foster their independence and loosen the apron strings.

Let's look at why independence is so important for children and how parents can help them build the 'sense of agency' that will benefit them throughout their lives.
Unsure about your child care options?
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