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September 20, 2017
Welcome, this week five easy ways to promote early literacy skills in your child and the surprising benefits of risky play and the child care providers embracing this approach.
How speaking helps with children's reading
Warm up your vocal chords and flip open a good book because a study has found that children find it easier to read a new word if they’ve already heard it spoken.

Researchers with the CCD Reading Program assessed the reading abilities of 36 children aged nine to 10 - the age when kids should have a well-developed understanding of the connections between sounds and letters.

By tracking the eye movements of each child as they read a new word, researchers found that the children who'd already heard the word spoken spent less time looking at it in print. Those children found it easier to read the word than children who’d never heard it said out loud.
Risky business
Child care centres taking a different approach
Fire pits, power tools, knives, and little people don't mix. Or do they?

Although modern parents and caregivers usually err on the side of caution when it comes to children and risky endeavours, there is a school of thought that risky play does much more good than harm.

To test out this idea, we look at two early childhood providers that have invited risky play into the early learning environment to build safety and risk awareness.
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