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October 18, 2017
Welcome, this week we consider the benefits of gender-neutral play and giving children the opportunity to be whatever they feel. Also, when was the last time you spring-cleaned the toy box? Learn why you should do it this weekend.
Hey boy, hey girl:
The benefits of gender-neutral play
In the old days, girls were pretty in pink and boys were busy in blue. However, thanks to a gender-neutral shift, some child care services are breaking down the pink and blue divide and encouraging kids to play as they please.

Here we look at two early childhood education and care services that are embracing gender-neutral play, and explore the potential benefits of this approach.
Thinking outside the toy box
Toys and children usually go hand-in-hand – literally – but have you considered removing some of their playthings from the equation?

It has been suggested that cutting back your child's toy collection can actually be a positive exercise. So, let's look at the benefits of a toy stocktake and why less might just be more.
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