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October 11, 2017
Welcome, this week the price we pay for having dads that work too much. Also, the many benefits of owning a family pet, and your chance to win tickets to My Little Pony: The Movie
The challenge of work-life balance for dads
We're familiar with the term 'multi-tasking mamas', but what about 'under the pump papas'?

According to a study by the Australian National University, a third of Aussie children aged 11 to 13 say their dads work too much. And what's more, the study found that a third of children did not always enjoy time spent with their fathers.

Researchers observed around 3,000 dads and their kids as part of the 'Growing Up in Australia' study, and their findings pose some important questions. Namely, why do so many children feel this way? And what are the effects of dads working long hours?
The benefits of pets
PLUS win tickets to see
My Little Pony: The Movie
About 80% of Australians have an animal companion at some time, and there are many reasons why a pet is a kid's best friend. From good health to great life skills, here are some positives that come with pet ownership.

Also, your chance to win tickets to see the My Little Pony: The Movie in cinemas November 2.
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