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November 8, 2017
Welcome, it's Nanny Appreciation Week and we've some suggestions for thanking the Mary Poppins in your life, plus your chance to win a copy of State of the Nanny an industry insider's expert view of the nanny industry in Australia. Also, six really good reasons to include kids in the weekly cooking.
A great excuse to applaud Australian nannies
This week (6 to 12 November 2017) the Australian Nanny Association (ANA) is celebrating home carers, governesses and nannies with its annual Nanny Appreciation Week.

As the name suggests, Nanny Appreciation Week is a chance to thank nannies for everything they do, and recognise their hard work and dedication all year round.

And whether you have a nanny or are a nanny, there are great opportunities to get involved.
6 reasons to
get kids in the kitchen
Play dough cakes, mud pies and pretend tea parties are all great fun for children, but why stop at make-believe? There are lots of real recipes to try with your child, and whether they're a toddler or a tween, the joy of cooking is something best shared.
New book highlights need for focus on children in nanny industry + win your copy
Louise Dunham, a pioneer of nanny placement in Australia, has just published a book examining the role of the nanny, trends in child care and the role of parents who use or plan to use nannies.

In State of the Nanny, Ms Dunham explains that many families stand to benefit from the provision of quality, in-home care provided by professional nannies, who not only provide quality care and education to children, but help parents with the modern challenges of balancing work and family time.
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