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May 31, 2017
Welcome, this week the pros and cons of preschools and long day care centres, to help you make the best decision for your child and our guide to raising happy kids. Also, we saved the best 'til last… the final batch of results from our 2017 Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey look at your suggestions for improving life for Australia's working parents.
Preschool or child care – what's right for your family?
Whether your child has been in child care since they were a small baby, or they have been at home for the first few years of their life, when they reach three years old many parents start to consider the possibility of their child attending preschool and their journey into formal education. But what is the difference between a preschool and a child care centre, and which is right for you?

Preschool is an early education environment geared for three to six year olds – those children who are beyond the toddler years but aren't old enough to start school.

Preschools follow similar hours to regular schooling – 9am to 3pm – and are closed for school holidays. Children usually attend two or three days a week, depending on their age.
8 simple tips for raising happy kids
As parents, all we ultimately want is for our kids to be happy. And though that sounds like it should be easy to achieve, sadly depression and anxiety are on the rise teenagers and young adults. So, what can we do to try and ensure we raise happy kids?

By ignoring your own happiness, you could be role modelling to your children that personal happiness doesn't matter. Value your own happiness and your children will grow to value theirs. So, take a moment to nurture your own passions and relationships, find happiness in the small things, and aim to live in the moment a little more. Show your kids how good it feels to do something you love and feel inspired by.
What you think
Comments from the 2017 Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey
Our annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey offers valuable insights into the state of the Australian early childhood education and care system and the barriers and enablers faced by working families.

Every year we ask parents and carers what the Government could do to improve the child care situation in Australia and every year we receive a variety of responses ranging from small practical tweaks that would offer minor adjustments to the current system, right through to sweeping overhauls by would be policy makers.

This week you can read some of the suggestions offered in our open comments section.
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