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May 10, 2017
Welcome, this week the first results from the annual Child Care and Workforce Participation survey and boredom busters for the indoor days of winter. Finally, we want to wish all the hard-working mums out there a Happy Mother's Day!
Does this sound like you?
Child Care & Workforce Participation Survey
2017 Results
The 2017 Annual Child Care and Workforce Participation Survey has just closed and we are in the process of analysing the results. Just shy of 2000 Australian parents and guardians completed the survey this year offering valuable insight and experiences. We look forward to sharing our findings with you over the coming weeks.
8 simple indoor activities for the winter months
As the days get shorter and temperatures dip, it's a time of year that many parents struggle to keep younger children entertained. No matter the weather, kids still have the same amount of energy, so how do you keep them busy and active without always turning on the TV?

Here are eight of our favourite, and very simple, indoor activities to keep children from bouncing off the walls during the winter months.
Happy Mother's Day:
You Rock!!
Being a mum is a job like no other: a role you can't prepare for or fully comprehend until you are actually doing it. But, let's be honest, being a mum isn't all sunshine and roses! The unrelenting tiredness, never ending washing and constant chaos can make it all feel a bit overwhelming…and then when you are close to breaking point a sticky kiss from a chubby, grubby toddler suddenly brings everything back into perspective.

This Mother's day we hope you take a moment to pause and reflect on what a fabulous job you are doing and treat yourself to something nice, whether that is a walk on the beach, a manicure or a lovely lunch with the family.

We found this great poem by Mummy Blogger Yvette Lamb who's blog Big Trouble in Little Nappies is a great source of honest and funny info, for when you are having one of 'those' days.
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