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March 22, 2017
Welcome, increasing numbers of dads are working part time and flexibly to take a bigger role in child care, will this have positive impact on attitudes towards flexible work practises? Also a reminder about water safety for under fives, after a spate of recent drownings.
More dads pushing for flexible work
Men working part time has become the fastest growing labour sector over the last two years, as an increasing number of dads are pushing for flexible working conditions. There were almost 1.2 million men engaged in part-time work in 2016 as compared to 1.07 million in 2014 – a growth of 11 per cent. And the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reports that currently around 30 per cent of dads are working flexible hours to care for young children, compared to 16 per cent 20 years ago.

But is this bringing with it a positive change in attitude towards flexible work?
Water safety for under fives
Young children love water, and in the hot summer months playing and swimming in water is a welcome relief, as well as being great exercise.

But this summer saw a spate of tragic drownings. Over the Christmas period, there were almost as many water deaths as car fatalities, with 18 drowning deaths between December 19 and 3 January.

Overall, there were 280 drowning deaths in Australian waterways between 1st July 2015 and 30 June 2016, which is an increase of 5 per cent on the year before.
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