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March 15, 2017
Welcome, this week a look at some of the world's most pioneering, inspiring and forward thinking early childhood settings and what we can do about anxiety in young children.
Amazing early learning services
The education sector is constantly evolving, and classrooms today are unrecognisable when compared to those of decades past. However, there are several kindys across the globe that truly stand out, pushing the boundaries in design and teaching methods and creating learning environments that are inspiring and truly forward-thinking in their approach.

This week we feature three of these Amazing early learning services.
Identifying anxiety in young children
As children come across new situations and find their way through the world, they are likely to experience some form of anxiety. Babies can often fear loud noises, toddlers might fear separation, and preschool children might be afraid of the dark.

Usually, the anxiety they experience comes and goes without lasting too long and the cases are relatively mild. However, for some children the anxiety can be felt more intensely – they might see the world as a much scarier place or they find it difficult to get their anxious feelings under control.
Unsure about your child care options?
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