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June 7, 2017
Welcome, this week learn why you shouldn't feel guilty about putting your child in care and quick & easy ideas for filling your child's world with music (and why you should).
The value of child care
This week Nadia Woods from the Brighton Playroom, a parent run not-for-profit early childhood service in Victoria, has contributed an article on the value of child care and early childhood education and care providers and why parents should not feel guilty or worried about leaving their children.

Children's services offer a vital service and a valuable resource to all families; and the support which comes from a child care centre extends beyond just the child. Child care is equally valuable to stay at home parents as it is to those who work, as the developmental gains a child makes in a social setting are immense.
The gift of music
With a whole world to explore and so many concepts to understand, young children are curious and eager learners. But as we fill their world with literacy, numeracy, sport and art, music is often forgotten. However, an appreciation of music and learning a musical instrument has many benefits and is something that can be started as soon as they are born.

This week we look at the myriad benefits of filling your child’s world with music and how you can achieve it, without expensive, formal music lessons and lots of equipment.
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