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June 28, 2017
Welcome, this week learn about the early childhood education and care centre in China using robots to help look after the children and tips to help you manage the sleep deprivation of parenthood.
Could machines really care for our children?
Though it sounds like something from a science fiction movie, China has begun trialling robots to help with child care and elderly care, as recently reported by Sky News.

At one of China's largest day care centres, a robot called Keeko dances, talks, and solves mathematical problems. It even supports artificial intelligence so it can begin to understand in the future. While 1,200 miles away, in an elderly care facility, a robot called A-Tai assists in the care of more than 1,300 residents.
Coping with sleep deprivation
Ask any parent about the challenges of becoming a new parent and sleep deprivation is usually top of the list. A recent study taken by the charity Book Trust, found that new parents lose 657 hours of sleep every year, which equates to almost four weeks.

Sleep deprivation radically impacts both your physical and mental health. Just four or five nights of broken sleep can leave you feeling exhausted. Even the simplest of tasks seem difficult, everything looks foggy, and just getting through the day feels like a marathon.
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