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July 5, 2017
Welcome, this week the rise of the bush school phenomena and new research on the likelihood of children outgrowing their allergies.
The rise of the bush school
Forest schools have been gaining popularity in recent years in countries such as Canada, Denmark and the UK. Focusing on providing education and care services in a wholly outdoor setting, these early childhood providers take the classroom to the wild, with no tables, books, chairs or walls.

Children are immersed in the natural environment, free to climb trees, navigate streams, and use the outdoors to develop confidence, self-esteem, and gross and fine motor skills. They have become so popular that today over 10 per cent of Danish schools are now in a natural setting, with the natural world at the centre of their primary curriculum.

The Forest School Movement is now reaching Australian shores, with Bush Schools springing up across the country. Allowing children to free-play in nature rather than within the structured confines of a classroom, children can take small risks in a safe way, learning a plethora of life skills that can only be learnt through hands-on experience and practice.
Outgrowing allergies …it does happen
With allergy cases seemingly on the rise in recent years, childhood allergies have become a major concern for parents and educators. An allergy is a reaction of an immune system to a substance (allergen) in the environment which is normally harmless. This results in the production of allergy antibodies, proteins in the immune system, which react with this substance.

An allergic reaction occurs when someone develops symptoms following exposure to an allergen and can include things such as hives, swelling of the lips, puffy eyes, vomiting or struggling for breath. Reactions can range from very mild to life-threatening, with anaphylaxis the most severe form of allergic reaction.
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