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February 1, 2017
Welcome back, it's our first issue for 2017 and for all the families new to child care this year we offer some tried and tested strategies for helping your child settle into their new child care routine. Also how to identify and address anxiety in young children.
Settling into Child Care: Strategies for Success
For parents and caregivers who are new to child care, or are preparing for this milestone, the most daunting adjustment for families can be the anxiety of being apart for the first time.

Separation anxiety is common although easily addressed with a positive outlook and a few expert tips from professional educators, to help you reduce your nerves and feel excited.

This change can be as challenging for the child as the grown-ups involved. You may find that you both have an unexpected, emotional response. For this reason, it’s important to focus on the benefits so that all parties can quickly transition into a healthy, happy routine.
Identifying anxiety in young children
As children come across new situations and find their way through the world, they are likely to experience some form of anxiety. Babies can often fear loud noises, toddlers might fear separation, and preschool children might be afraid of the dark.

Usually, the anxiety they experience comes and goes without lasting too long and the cases are relatively mild. However, for some children the anxiety can be felt more intensely – they might see the world as a much scarier place or they find it difficult to get their anxious feelings under control.
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